How to order

How to make your purchase

For more information, please contact Ming Long Fine Jewelry Company Limited,
call 091-792-4446 or

1. Choose your product
You can select the product that you want to order by clicking the button. "Add to cart"

2. Check or edit the product list.
You can check or edit the list of products you want to order on the page. "My Basket" After that, click on the button. "Order product" to proceed ordering

3. Choose your order.
You can choose as follows.
Transactions by non-members: Fill out your billing information and your shipping information by non-members
New customers: For the first order, just fill in the payment information and your shipping information. Become a member with us, in order to make it easier for the next purchase and convenient for tracking orders.
Customers: Members of Ming Long Fine Jewelry, making order easily through the system Just log in by entering email and password and place an order without having to fill out other additional information.

4. Choose a shipping method.
Ming Long Fine Jewelry has 2 delivery options: Express delivery (EMS) and Standard delivery. For each shipping method will calculate the distance and the weight of the product from your order confirmation

5. Choose payment method.
You can choose a variety of payment methods, such as credit /debit card, Via counter service or online via OMISE as the security administrator. And when you're ready to make a payment and place an order Click on the "Buy product" button.
Or transfer money into a bank account
Ming Long Fine Jewelry Company Limited
Bank of Ayudhya , Ploenchit Branch Savings Account 285-1-40950-7
Or pay as a PromptPay corporate number 0105544042178

6. Confirm the order by Email
When you have completed the purchase order, you will receive an email confirming your order for the product.
Please click on the "Order Confirmation Link" as per the link attached in the email within 24 hours if you do not proceed in time
Your order Will be canceled automatically


MP 415

Category : Pendant

MR 801

Category : Ring

MR 777

Category : Ring

MR 717

Category : Ring

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